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68 bis Blvd Pereire 
75017 Paris, France.
+ 33 614223198


Gabriela Medina is a creative photographer specialized in international corporate image. Freelance since 1982, she has worked directly for top clients and the best advertising agencies in her homeland and worldwide.

Working for the Fashion Industry as well as Gastronomy, Photo Reportage, Advertising Agencies and Corporations; Gabriela has shot thousands of premium quality images throughout her 34 years long successful career.

Living in Paris since 2011, she is now capturing the essence of the “City of light”, through the emotions of its inhabitants.  Taking time to compile and edit her extended image bank, Gabriela is aiming for a more personal work that she is willing to share in galleries and editorial projects.

Qualities and Successes

In 1989, she was able to document the Tiananmen Square events in Beijing, China. This event put her on the map and allowed her to collaborate with newspapers and magazines around the world, such as El Nacional (Venezuela) and the New York Times (USA). Life Magazine published her photos in the special edition "The Best of the Year 1989". That work was also included in the book published by Contac Press "Children of the Dragon", dedicated in its entirety to these events.

From 1988 to the present she has exhibited in salons, galleries and showrooms in Venezuela and abroad.
In her birthplace, she was responsible for countless publicity campaigns and the graphic image of many national and transnational corporations.

Her culinary photography is outstanding and has been published in several books and magazine articles with famous chefs of Caracas and the world.

Her most recent work is represented in the USA by Blendimages and in France by

In 2014 she received the Gold Medal of Professional Merit by the "Foro Europa 2011" in Madrid.

One of her most valuable assets is to achieve the best pictures in the most challenging conditions. Her skills are as outstanding in the studio as in the field; she is also experienced in aerial photography.

Gabriela is actively involved in social responsibility, through Compassionated Eye Foundation - – Canada. 

II Salón de Jóvenes Fotógrafos   (MACCSI - Sala Ipostel) 1988. Caracas, Venezuela.
II Salón de Jóvenes Fotógrafos  (Sala Julio Arreaga) 1988. Maracaibo, Venezuela.
1ra Convención EXPOFOT 1988.  Caracas, Venezuela.
5to Salón Nacional (Fundarte - Galería Tito Salas) 1988. Caracas, Venezuela.
Salón Arturo Michelena 1989. Valencia, Venezuela.
2 da Convención EXPOFOT 1989. Caracas, Venezuela.
III Salón Seguros Catatumbo 1989. Caracas, Venezuela.
Latinarca. Canadian  Agency for International Development. 1990. Canada.
EXPOFEVAP. Hall Thomas Alva Edison. Universidad Metropolitana. Caracas, Venezuela
Salón Arturo Michelena 1990. Valencia, Venezuela
III Bienal Nacional de Arte. 1990. Guayana. Venezuela.
1st Latin American  Exhibition for Advertising Photography FOTOP (Centro de extensión de la Pontificia Universidad  Católica) Santiago de Chile, Chile.
Black Label Hall of Photography. 1994. Caracas, Venezuela.
The Best of Latin America Photography.  1994. Bogotá, Colombia. (First and Second place awards – Fashion Category).
Black Label Hall of Photography. 1995. Caracas, Venezuela.
The Best of Latin America Photography. 1995. Bogotá, Colombia. (First Place award, Fashion Category).
IV Christian Dior  Biennial of Visual Arts.  Caracas, Venezuela
The Best of Latin America Photography. 1996. Bogotá, Colombia. (First Place Award, Fashion Category).
The Best of Latin America Photography. 1998. Bogotá, Colombia. (First Place Award, Fashion Category).
V Bienal Nacional de Arte. 2002. Guayana. Venezuela.
Lens Culture Foto fest. Paris 2011, Spéos Paris Photographic Institute.
 Exposition colective au Mannoir du Pont Ar Gler St Jean du Doigt. France, May 2015. 
« Rostos du sal »  Magenta Associaciao de Artistas pela arte, Figueira Da Foz, Portugal. 2015.
Rencontres photo du 10ème organise par la Mairie du 10 ème arrondissement  de Paris France Octobre 2015.
Rostros de Sal  Municipio do Sal, Figueira Da Foz Agosto  2016
Artshopping Caroussel do Louvre October 2016
« Rostos du sal »  Magenta Associaciao de Artistas pela arte, Figueira Da Foz, Portugal. 2015.
“Mujeres de aqui Magenta Associaciao de Artistas pela arte, Figueira Da Foz, Portugal. 2017.
“The Awajum”   Afrika Museum Berg en Dal, Netherlands
“The Awajum”   Museum Volkenkunde Leinen Netherlands, Curated by Fransje Brinkgreve and Vanessa de Gruijter

Professional experience
2005 - 2011
Commercial clients: 
Beco: shooting catalogs for the best department store in Venezuela; making all sorts of photographs in the least time possible, with an average of 30 catalogs annually for 8 years.
Grupo Mokambo: advertising campaigns of liquors and food for several restaurants and bakeries; publishing different books and articles.
 Swim International: advertising campaigns, making swimwear catalogs for children and adults in beach landscapes.
Websites and publications
Bombones Venezolanos - Edited by El Nacional, Venezuela.
Posada Macanao Lodge 
The world best pastries chefs. Australia.
Innovations in Pilates.  Australia.
Más Salud Locatel, Revista GP, Pandora, Informa Publication of the draft Innovation and social cohesion of Mercosur, Montevideo.
Stock photography in the US and Europe.,

1983 - 2019
During this period, Gabriela was responsible of advertising campaigns in companies such as:
PDVSA, Empresas Polar, Beco, SWIM International, Grupo Com, Intevep, Corpoven, Sivensa, Grupo Sudamtex, Vemprecar, Centro de Arte La Estancia, Mendoza Enterprises, Intevep, Nestlé, Laboratories Hoechst, Laboratorios Roche, Pepsi, United Airlines, Venezolana de Cementos, Conviasa, Cementos La Vega, Cementos Caribe, Fundación Orquesta Nacional Juvenil de Venezuela, United Distillers, Inelectra y Otepi.
She also managed the brand image of the top companies in Venezuela; the work consisted in illustrate with photographs the annual reports of the most important factories and refineries in the country.
She was also was in charge of the image of the "Orchestras System of Venezuela" and documented all concerts, photographed all the international artists as Monserrat Caballet, Subin Metta, Eugene Fodor, Jean Pierre Rampall, among others.
In Europe In charge of the image of Hotel Castell belonging to Relais & Chateux, Aina Hospitality fund, Fondation Rothschild.
Some works for Agency Hopscoth and Elleboode Architecture.

- Photographer at The Center for Teaching Professional Photography in Ivry sur Seine, France 1981.
- Course of French Civilization, Business French and English 2011 – 2015.

Spanish, French and English.

Janine Maurice Director chez Barclays Investment Bank
Lorraine Sereyjol-Garros BNP Paribas Asset Management CAIA
Nuria Vilanova - Swim International -  Caracas, Venezuela.
Thomas Gerlash - Dobble - Madrid, Spain.
Mariel Palacios - Dior - Paris, France.
Many more upon request.

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